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uCampaign powers the official apps of top organizations around the world. Find out why they all chose uCampaign.

Reason #1 to go with uCampaign

The portal

Our battle-tested client portal puts you in the driver’s seat. Run almost every aspect of your app in real-time from desktop or mobile, with our team supporting you every step of the way. No coding required.

Reason #2 to go with uCampaign


What do megahit apps like AngryBirds, Trivia Crack and Pokemon Go have in common? Their gamification gives their users a roadmap to success and drives up lifetime value. Every user action - from sharing their email address to completing one of 30+ actions is gamified.

Reason #3 to go with uCampaign

Network effect

The average person has 246 contacts in their mobile phone book. We pioneered the ability to match these contacts to 3rd party data. More connections, more data, more results. Did we mention our integrations?

30+ customizable features

Over the past three years we’ve built powerful features at our client and users’ request. Stand on the shoulders of giants (and grassroots heroes) and get the same features the best in the business use to succeed.

Addressbook Matching

Match your supporters' contacts with the voter file or any other data source.

P2P Messaging (w/ RumbleUp)

Engage small or huge numbers of people in real person-to-person text conversations


Incentivize your supporters to donate money and grow your donor base


Supporters earn points and unlock badges which creates competition and identifies your top achievers


Full-featured walk-books and canvassing - crowdsource your field program while monitoring quality and metrics

Interactive Newsfeed

This social hub offers a gathering place for your supporters to interact with each other and share your multi-channel social content

Push Notifications

Capture your supporters' attention and make it as easy as possible for them to take action with targeted, smart push notifications


Using Google Civic API, connect your supporters directly with their elected officials. Adaptable internationally.

Trivia & Puzzles

Educate and entertain your supporters with Trivia and Puzzles that tie in with the gamification.


Give your supporters an extra reason to download your app with a world-class coordinate lightshow feature (special pricing applies)

In-app Live Chat

Connect your supporters more closely together with in-app live chat so they can coordinate and grow your movement


Allow people to RSVP to an event, send calendar invites to friends, get directions and access special content based on attending (includes GPS check-in!)

Social Content Sharing

Turn supporters into omni-channel broadcasters of your message (include images) to their social networks and incentivize and track their efforts

Surveys and Polls

Conduct in-app polls and surveys or ask supporters to fill out surveys about their friends and contacts

Tags & Roles

Customize and tailor the in-app experience to various levels of supporters, volunteers and staff while offering custom and premium content

Groups & Localization

Supporters can pick from a set of custom groups you create. Localize any content within the app.


Add energy and urgency by setting up a countdown timer.


Harness the power of the crowd to send text messages, emails and make phone calls to any data set!


Fully customizable leaderboards help spur competition which in turns helps produce more results.

Personal Profiles

Just like other social networks, supporters have a personal profile to supply biographical info and show off achievements.

Visit a Website

The mobile web is at your supporters' fingertips via an in-app browser that still allows them to share the site they are on.

Location-Based Check-In

Give extra credit to your supporters who show up at your events and real-world rally points!


Make gamification more meaningful by offering your supporters real prizes. Automated to save you time!

Live and Embedded Video

Capture your supporters' attention with live and high-quality video content which they can share!

Multilingual Support

App detects your supporters' native phone language and supplies app navigation and content in that language. Add new languages easily.

UI/UX Control

Make changes to the appearance and functionality of your app on the fly, without having to go back to the app stores for updates.


Create a content calendar (including new actions and push notifications) sit back, and watch it roll out automatically!


Hear directly from your supporters via in-app feedback and respond via the portal.

Personal Invite Code

Identify and reward the supporters who are growing your base through trackable invitations!

Testing mode

Give your team a chance to test out new actions and features without distracting your supporters.

New features constantly in development

Our team is always hard at work on the next big thing. Get in touch to learn more about our product roadmap and custom development shop.

Still not convinced? Check out our integrations!
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Still not convinced? Check out our integrations!

Our process

A good app is not easy to build. That’s why we offer a universal platform with advanced flexibility to customize your app to your specific needs, while still providing a reliable template with proven success engaging supporters.


Our process typically takes 3-4 weeks (saving you months of time) and our pricing model saves you hundreds of thousands of dollars over building an experimental app from scratch.


What are your goals? How will your supporters help you reach them? We agree on a working plan.


We execute that plan by placing a real, working version of your app in your hands to test and give feedback.


We invite your whole team (up to thousands of users) to the beta phase and gather more ideas. When you are ready, we launch!

Case studies

Our award-winning apps give us a roadmap we can share with new clients to get them up to speed and primed for success.

Helping Ted Cruz Win the 2016 Iowa Caucus

Here’s how uCampaign helped Ted Cruz for President achieve an historic victory in the 2016 Iowa caucus

Applying Lessons from Brexit to Help Donald Trump Win

How we helped make history, twice, in aiding the Pro-Brexit and Donald Trump campaigns achieve upset victories

Helping President Danilo Medina Achieve a Second Term

Our first Spanish-language app proved that uCampaign can adapt to any election and still provide outstanding results

Free download

Take it for a test drive

Don’t take our word for it, see how other groups like you are using the platform!

Fully integrated

What’s the point of data if it stays siloed? Don’t worry - we integrate with all these great platforms.


Accept 1-tap donations via SMS and unlock easy crowdfunding

NationBuilder (Learn More)

Comprehensive integration with the leading political CRM


Use Facebook for login and access Facebook audience insights


Makes it easy to pre-populate tweets for your supporters


Import content into your app for easy viewing and sharing


Keep your account funded and raise funds for your account


Ensure data collected in the app and in Salesforce mingle

CQ Roll Call Engage

Collect data from supporter actions in both environments


Easily reward supporters as they win prizes for taking action


Pull data from uCampaign into a variety of CRMs and trigger actions


Coordinate app downloads with an email onboarding program, etc.


Tap into the power of text messaging via your custom app


Get the data you need, securely, in real-time

CUE Audio

Enable awesome lightshows synced to audio in your gathering space

The Data Trust

Access trusted data to identify your audience and activate them


Need more data? We can help you secure the perfect audience

Google Civic API

Provides seamless in-app lobbying at every level of government


Automatically import podcast and audio content into your app


Automatically import YouTube (and YouTube live) content

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